Tanagalai and Vadagalai

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Mr. Satyanarayana:

It  is  first of  all  "Tengalai"  (Tamil  for  DakShiNakala)  not
"Tanagalai".  The  "AShTAdashabhedanirNaya"  is  a  Sanskrit  work  that
deals  quite  extensively  about  the  18  principal  differences  in
doctrine  between  the  Tengalai  and  the  VaDagalai  branches  of  the
Shri-VaishNava  SampradAya.  It  has  been  published  by  the  French
Indological  Institute  at  Pondicherry.  Also,  Prof.  Patricia  Mumme
(PhD. Univ.  of  Pennsylvania)  did  her  dissertation  on  this  whole
issue.  I  think  her  work  is  entitled  "Shri-VaishNava  Theological
dispute".  It  has  also  been  published  in  India.  Really  speaking,
these  18  can  reduced  to  some  4  super  important  ones.  They

1.  T:  God's  Grace  is  Sovereign.  It  cannot  be  "bought"  by  good
    V:  Good  works  invoke  the  Grace  of  God.

2.  T:  Prapatti  is  mandatory  as  a  means  to  mokSha.
    V:  Prapatti  is  an  optional  means  to  mokSha.

3.  T:  ShrI  does  not  share  in  the  Divine  Essence.
    V:  ShrI  is  inseparable  from  God  and  shares  the  Divine
Essence.  (a  la  Tengalai  this  is  Duotheism  not  Monotheism)

4.  T:  Salvific  powers  belong  to  God  only.
    V:  ShrI  shares  in  the  salvific  powers  of  God.

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