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Aklujkar writes, "The attitude that may be implicit in Peterson's and
Scharfe's attempts at identification also needs comment. Both these
scholars write as if the TIkA identification does not exist or need
not be taken seriously. This is hardly a justifiable view to take of
a piece of information that is about one thousand years old; that is
unlikely to have been given unless it was known to earlier students
and commentators of the VP.." From this, if we take TIKa to be from
about 10th century AD, how many years (5 centuries?) earlier was VP
written ? What are the currently accepted dates for vAkyapadIya and
TIkA? If the intervening period was long, could it be that
the identification of tiliGga was a mistake made on the basis of
similarity in names? Since I do not have access to some of the
critical references, any information from the list will be appreciated.

   About six-seven centuries separate vAkyapadIya and its TIkA
if we assume a 5th century date for VP.

See p. 40, H. G. Coward, K. Kunjunni Raja,
Ency. of In. Phil., The philosophy of the Grammarians,
"BhartRhari apparently never wrote a commentary for Ch. 3.
At present only HelArAja's TIkA (c. A.D. 1050-1100) is available".

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