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Subject: Re: Samkhyan terminology (was Re: A text dealing with Ayurveda)
Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 12:29:14 EDT

Dr Palaniappan wrote:
I am interested to know what kind of Vedic, Puranic, and Tantric rituals are
performed by Agarwals.

Vishal writes:
Agrawals are a north Indian Vaishya community spread all over Punjab, Jammu,
Haryana, UP, Rajasthan, MP etc. They are not Vaidiks. Most of us are
Vaishnavas (and worship Lord Hanuman, Lord Rama, Lord Krshna etc.)  but
depending on our place of origin, we could also worship in the Sikh or Jaina
mode. If an Agarwal uses a particular text, it is a modern innovation or due
to his personal likings. There is no particular class of scriptures peculiar
to Agarwals. As is the case with most North Indians, we do not have any
strong sectarian affiliations (except the Arya Samajists) and are quite
catholic in our religious practices. It is very rare to come across a Muslim
or a Christian covert from our community.

Vishal WTOTE:
 >Another classical
 >  example is that of the Sri Sampradaya or the Ubahaya Vedanta, on which
 >  I created a website recently.
Dr. Palaniappan wrote:
I would like to know the address of the website.

Vishal Writes:

The website is undergoing a massive revision to correct the errors that
crept in and to enlarge it considerably. We will be focussing only on the
Sanskrit Vedanta of the Sampradaya as I as well as the co-author (who is an
American convert to Hindu Dharma) are ignorant of Tamil. I would be grateful
for any suggestions that you might have

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