uraga and AlavAy

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed May 5 16:12:01 UTC 1999

Sorry for the mistake. Normally I check before I quote
anyone's name. This time I missed, sorry.

As for the conclusions, I stand by them. Recently Dr. Indira
Peterson also told me that uraga refers to hAlAsya and it appears
Kalidasa knew Southern traditions. Thanks to Dr. Steiner again whose
translation is excellent enough for my purposes.

I wanted to find what Kalidasa when I first read S. Krishnasamy
Aiyangar (1924) writing about uragapura is the hAlAsya and it is
the argaru in the Periplus.

N. Ganesan

I was surprised to read my translation of portions from the
Raghuva.m"sa here in the List. It was meant for private use and
was passed on without my knowledge. Please note that it was a
quick, literal and unpolished piece of work done as a favour at
Mr Ganesan's request. It was a personal matter for me, not
meant for the List. The conclusion which Mr Ganesan drew
from my translation is his own, viz.:

 > Kalidasa is talking of Uraga as the capital of Pandyas. The mention
 > of Malaya (Potikai), Sandal trees, Pearls from Tamraparni, Pandyas,
 > etc., shows this. This Uraga later becomes HAlAsya.

Yours sincerely,
Roland Steiner

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