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Edwin Bryant ebryant at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Sun May 2 16:36:45 UTC 1999

Now the semester is winding down to an end, I will try to fulfill this
commitment some time over the summer.  I still have to fine tune a few
last details of my own research which will have major implications on my
own thinking on this matter.  This, coupled with semester pressures, have
caused me to procrastinate somewhat.  Also, in honesty, I have been
reticent to start off a new round of polemics on this list, many of which
have been less than useful to, I suspect, most of us.

So sometime over the summer (by July?) I hope to post a very succinct
outline of what I consider to be *all* the data relevant to the origins of
the Indo-Aryans under different categories (dialect geography, substratum,
Indus Valley, Vedic textual dating, etc), along with the range of possible
interpretations of such data from all *rational* points of view.  This
could then form the basis for more detailed discussion on specific aspects
of this data amongst those who are interested.  This discussion can be
conducted either on, or off, the list (depending on the degree of
interest, the level of scholarship of the dialogue and the wishes of the
moderator given the history of such discussions on this list) .

My own manuscript is in the final process of review by the publisher and
will be out of my life come hell or high water by September.  Regards,
Edwin Bryant.

On Sun, 2 May 1999, Venkatraman Iyer wrote:

> I read the list manager's message dated 5 Jan 99. Is Ed Bryant's paper
> now available in the INDOLOGY website?
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>  > I wonder if Dr. Fosse, or anyone else well-acquainted with this
>  >subject, would summarize..
> This is a very good idea, and I am hoping to post a paper by Ed Bryant
> on the INDOLOGY web site in the not too distant future which will
> fulfil this purpose.
> In the meantime, I'm afraid it is a matter of picking through the
> archives.  I have not seen anything new on this topic posted to the
> list for a long time; just a great deal of emotion.
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