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Sun May 2 17:38:01 UTC 1999

>During which century was Silapadhikaram written? If Silapadhikaram
>was penned by Ilango Adigal, a Chera prince, then was Tamil the
>language of the Chera kingdom at that time? When exactly did
>Malayalam show up on the scene?

Hi Sujatha,

Cilambu is around 5th century. Yes, Tamil was the language of Kerala
at the time of Cilappatikaram.Please refer to my 28-Feb-99 post under
the title, 'CilappatikAram date'.

Malayalam literature starts with Raamacaritam and UnnunIlisandesam
in 13-14th centuries, when the induction of Sanskrit alphabets and
vocablary was accomplished.
On Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam start dates in that order, see
my 11-Feb-98 writing, "Re: Origin of Dravidian Languages".
Or, read Zvelebil, The smile of Murugan on Tamil literature of
South India.

N. Ganesan

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