Book review: Indus Age- the Writing System by Gregory L. Possehl.

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Sun May 2 15:32:10 UTC 1999

Dear Mr. Fosse,

My understanding is that Dr. Rajaram does not deny that the anscestors of
modern Indians might have come from a region outside the Indian
Subcontinent--they only suggest that such a conclusion is not at all
warranted by the Vedic texts and any attempts to relate the words of Vedic
texts to other findings are  questionable.

I am not congizant of the oral traditons of Scandinavians but I sure that
even if they survive and have been recorded. they will not match the Vedic
lore in extent or in antiquity. There are some ancient literatures like
those of the Zoroastrainians, which allude to a migration from the east, and
not from west, as suggested by many modern Orientalists.

In his book "The Aryan Ivasion Theory and Indian Nationaislm", Srikant
Talegeri has infact scanned the Puranas and the Vedic Lore to demonstrate
that they, at best, allude to a migration from the Gangetic plains to Punjab
and westewards thereafter and so on. Supporters of the Aryan Invasion theory
might dismiss this entire book by questioning (without any basis) the
historicity of the Pauranic accounts, but that is hardly an argument.

I had posted the review at the request of Dr. Rajaram as technical
difficulties prevented him to do so personally. I am not an expert in this
area and can only direct your inquiries (which I cannot answer myself) to



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Subject: Re: Book review: Indus Age- the Writing System by Gregory L.
Date: Sat, 1 May 1999 11:43:55 +0200

Vishal Agarwal in his review of Possehl's book on the Indus writing system

 > have amply demonstrated that the
 > Vedic texts do not allude to any foreign invasion of Aryans.

For the record, a many Indo-European cultures have no record of their
into their historical territories. Such records are lacking for Greece,
Anatolia, and also for the Scandinavian countries. Not all ancient peoples
equally concerned with their geographical origins. Therefore, the
non-mention of
such migrations in the Vedas is not so important as some assume it to be.

Lars Martin Fosse

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