bhakti- etc.

Christian Lee Novetzke cln4 at COLUMBIA.EDU
Mon Mar 29 17:31:48 UTC 1999


If you haven't already checked this, the first few pages of Dhavamony's
_Love of God_ might satisfy what you are looking for.  It was published by
The Claredon Press, Oxford in 1971.  This is just the tip of the Bhakti


At 09:21 AM 3/29/99 -0800, you wrote:
>I think the root of the noun bhakta is 'bhaj' to divide and hence share or
>participate, partake. Bhakta is the one who shares or partakes or consumes
>the same emotion or food or nourishment which is shared by others.
>On Sat, 27 Mar 1999, Yaroslav V. Vassilkov wrote:
>> Dear colleagues,
>> I would be most grateful for references to different etymologies of the
>> *bhagavat*, *bhakti*, *bhakta* (even to those that you think are wrong)
and to
>> different ideas on the history of their semantics.
>>      Thanks in advance,
>>                                 Yaroslav Vassilkov

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