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> As for the Gondi word *ma_sa_na - the first thing to do, I think, would be
to> check the possibility of an early borrowing from IA. There are many such>
possible early borrowings in Non-Aryan languages of India: e.g. if Billavas,>
a caste of toddy-drawers in South Canara, call their conical grave-mounds>
*dhUpe* - (Thurston, Castes and Tribes.., vol. I, p. 249) I think it would be>
reasonable to think first of all of IA *stUpa*, would not it?>      

Cologne Dictionary has this entry:

n. (accord. to Kir. iii , 5 for %{zmazayana} above ; but prob. for
%{azma-zayana}) an elevated place for burning dead bodies , crematorium ,
cemetery or burial-place for the bones of cremated corpses AV. &c. &c. ; an
oblation to deceased ancestors (=%{pitR-medha} see above) Pa1rGr2. Ka1tyS3r.
Sch. ; = %{brahma-randhra}.

Another Skt. phrase is: s'ava s'ayana

Pali dictionary has: maccu = death


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