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Ferenc Ruzsa f_ruzsa at ISIS.ELTE.HU
Sat Mar 27 18:34:07 UTC 1999

Dear Yaroslav,

Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya has a well argued out suggestion: the root of the
concept would be bhaga, share, i.e. sharing in the tribe's affairs, first of
all participating in the redistribution system. Unfortunately I do not have
his book (Lokayata. A Study in Ancient Indian Materialism, New Delhi, ca.
1957) at hand, so I cannot be more specific. As he was [or is? I really
don't know] an enthusiastic communist, most probably his work has been
translated into Russian.

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>I would be most grateful for references to different etymologies of the
>*bhagavat*, *bhakti*, *bhakta* (even to those that you think are wrong) and
>different ideas on the history of their semantics.
>                                Yaroslav Vassilkov

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