What is the English equivalent of the ZAka tree?

K. S. Arjunwadkar panini at PN2.VSNL.NET.IN
Sat Mar 27 02:24:36 UTC 1999

At 12:43 PM 3/26/99 -0500, you wrote:
>What is the English equivalent of ZAka tree?  Does it have any uses in
>It is described in the BhAgavata PurANa in connection with a place called
>Thank you for your help.
>Chris Beetle
March 27, 99

ZAka is teak; and in this sense, the word agrees linguistically with its
Marathi equivalent, sAg(a). Cp Sk kAka and Prakrit (also Hindi) kAga; Sk
pustaka and Pk potthaga.

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