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N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Mar 22 15:20:14 UTC 1999

>Perhaps it could have derived from veni(Krishnaveni)
>as veni also means river both generic as well as specific.

 Both the letters, "p" and "v" are available in Tamil and hence
 no necessity to tamilize veNNA as peNNai; It does not appear that
 veNNA is changed to peNNA in the river names. Rather, it looks
 peNNA was translated into vENI in Sanskrit. Mistranslations
 from Tamil/Dravidian to Sanskrit in place, river, deity names
 are well known; eg., aJcolAL (=madhura vacanAmbika/subhASiNI)
 was translated as abhayamba (by taking amcolAL as aJcalAL).

 In Tamil literature, we have South PeNNai river joining the
 sea at Cuddalore (S. Arcot dt.) and North PeNNAr river near
 Nellore, A.P. Kamban refers to "kariya peNNai" (= krishNa peNNA)
 river. Modern commentators say this is vEngaGgA river, south
 of Narmadha river. Vedam Venkataraya Sastri says krishnaveni's
 original name is kaNNapeNNAr.

 In addition, Buddhist Jatakas and Hathigumpha inscription of
 Khaaravela call as "kaNha peNNA".

 Is peNNA -> veNNA -> veNI transformation reasonable to take?
 Any pointers on this hydronymy are highly appreciated.

 N. Ganesan

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