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Subject: Dr. R. N. Dandekar: 90 not out

March 20, 1999

Not many Indologists the world over may be aware that Dr. R. N.
(raamacandra naaraayaNa) Dandekar has completed 90 years of his active life
as a scholar, teacher, administrator and organizer, on March 17, 1999. A
biographical note on his life and work is under preparation and will
shortly be posted in the Indology List. As one who has the privilege of
having been his student, I felicitated him on this occasion with a Sanskrit
verse which runs as follows:

bhuuyaMso bhuvane bhavanti guravo ye naama zabdaplavair
jnaanaambhonidhilanghane dhRtimato vidyaarthinaH kurvate /
jnaanaambhodhitalaM vigaahya suciraM ratnaany avaaptuM balaM
ziZye jaagarayanti ye gurutamaas te durlabhaas tvaadRzaaH //

And I add a verse I wrote on him 20 years ago on a similar occasion:

taM numo 'nyaH zaraNyo na zabdazrutividaaM yataH /
api candram aziitaaMzuM bhiiZmaM raamaabhidhaM gurum //
Note: zabdazrutividaaM = (of) scholars of grammar and of Veda.


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