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Sat Mar 20 19:51:26 UTC 1999

Martin Gansten <mgansten at SBBS.SE> asks:

>Sorry for asking what may be a very basic question, but historical
geography is not my forte: in a text which I am assuming to be no
earlier than the 17th century (possibly later), I find mention of a
certain brahmin named so-and-so who lived 'in the district of Kerala'
(kerale vi.saye). Could anyone tell me how well this term may correspond
to the present Kerala state? Thanks in advance.

I was hoping that somebody more familiar with the geography of Kerala
would field this question, but I'll tell you what I know..The district
of "Kerala" would, IMHO, be the northern most part of Kerala adjoining
Karnataka i.e. the kasaragOD district..tuLu, as opposed to malayALam
is spoken widely here..In this area, you also have towns with names like

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