final note

Dan Lusthaus dlusthau at MAILER.FSU.EDU
Sat Mar 20 00:25:01 UTC 1999

Being only what Artur Karp calls a

> hick historian

(did he mean hack?), I can only echo his citation of me:

> In his earlier posting on "Sanskrit Translations in Nazi Hands"

> (13.01.99), Mr. Lusthaus wrote: <<It's easy to
<underline>dismiss</underline> things

> while one

> remains willfully uninformed>. I heartily agree.

I agree, as well. So we can end this thread on a note of agreement.
Prof. Karp has given us instructions on how to understand his
dismissive apologia. Thank you.

The offer to join H-Antisemitism still stands...

Dan Lusthaus

Florida State University
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