River Krishna

S.Kalyanaraman kalyan99 at NETSCAPE.NET
Fri Mar 19 00:32:36 UTC 1999

Michael Witzel <witzel at FAS.HARVARD.EDU> wrote:
> Note again peNNAi ~ veNi  (perhaps additionally influenced by Skt. veNI)
> > >and later shortened to Krishna.> Comments appreciated

Here are some semant. which may relate to river:

pe_n.am = care, nurture (Ta.); 

punal = water, river (Ma.); pol.e = river (Kod.agu); oyl. = waterfall in
channel or river (Kota); pin-n-al = braiding (Ta.)[van.ar = to curl as the
hair]; bani = a current of water caused by heavy rain (Malt.); levni = river

vanta = rivulet (Naikr.i)


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