syAla/zyAla in BORI mahabharata

Harry Spier harryspier at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Mar 16 22:40:12 UTC 1999

Dr. Belvalkar (1962 edition), Dr. Van Buitenen "Bhagavadgita in
Mahabharata", and On-line BORI Mahabharata courtesy of Dr. J.D. Smith
use "syAla" in Bhagavadgita  verse 1.37.  All the popular editions
including Radhakrishnan use "zyAla".  Dr. Belvalkar does not list
"zyAla" as a variation.

Monier-Williams has an entry only under "syAla" but which contains the
note "(also written %{zyAla}, of doubtful derivation)".  Apte has an
entry under "zyAla".  Under "syAla" he has "see zyAla".

The on-line B.O.R.I. Mahabharata uses both spellings but each book is
internally self-consistent using either one or the others follows:

Book 1 "zyAla"  lines 01197021a
Book 3 "zyAla"  lines 03011026a
Book 4 "syAla"  lines 04017007c
Book 5 "zyAla"  lines 05056022c
Book 6 "syAla"  lines 06023034c, 06078056c, 07029009a
Book 7 "syAla"  lines 07029009a, 07096036a, 07131017e,07132019a,
                      07144006a, 07144012c
Book 8 "syAla"  lines 08004039a, 08018021c, 08018023a

Can someone tell me:

1) What this spelling variation represents?

2) Does the internally consistent usage  in each book of the mahabharata
represent an editorial decision (different for different books) ?

3) Why Belvalkar does not list "zyAla" as a variation? Does BORI 1947
make any mention of it?

Thank you

Harry Spier

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