Krsnakarnamrta verse

Timothy C. Cahill tccahill at LOYNO.EDU
Fri Mar 12 23:55:54 UTC 1999


   Could someone please supply me with the 4th paada of a verse from the
Krsnakarnamrta which begins

        kRzNenaamba gatena rantum adhunaa mRd bhakzitaa svecchayaa
        satyaM krzNa ka evam aaha musalii mithyaamba paSyaananam /
        vyaadehiiti vidaarite 'tha vadane dRzTvaa samastaM jagan
        ???                             [...keSavaH paantu naH?]

This is a well-known "conversational verse" which ends with Krishna's
mother seeing the entire universe in his mouth. It is verse II.65 in
Francis Wilson's crit. ed.(p. 165), but a "printer's devil" has made off
with the entire last line --and I can't recall it!

Tim Cahill

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