Language of Harappan Civilization;funerary pottery evidence

C.R. Selvakumar selvakum at VALLUVAR.UWATERLOO.CA
Fri Mar 12 17:00:24 UTC 1999

S.Kalyanaraman wrote:

> "C.R. Selvakumar" <selvakum at VALLUVAR.UWATERLOO.CA> wrote:>
> > mayaanam means graveyard; maayaavi means spirit (of a dead person)
> Can we predict the older forms as follows?
> smas'a_nam ~~ maya_nam
> sma_raka (remembrance; cf. izmareik--Khot.) ~~ HOMONYM:(s)marak
> (peacock)
> Regards,
> Kalyanaraman

Dr. Kalyanaraman:

I've no idea how to predict older forms. Re the language of the
Indus/Harappa civilization, it may be important, I think,
to understand the relationship of Dravidian with ancient Sumerian,
Elamite, Egyptian, Old Iranian and
later Greek-Latin. There appears to be connections (borrowing of words
and ideas both ways, as well as trade). Elamite may be related to
Tamil/Dravidian. These connections are not well studied, it appears.
It may have a bearing on this issue.


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