Language of Harappan Civilization; funerary pottery eviden

C.R. Selvakumar selvakum at VALLUVAR.UWATERLOO.CA
Wed Mar 10 03:23:22 UTC 1999

I think the Tamil word 'mayar' (= exhaustion) is also relevant,
along with other words such as 'mayakkam', 'maay' etc...

Saint NammAzvAr says in the first song in tiruvAymozi,
'mayarvaRa matinalam', where the meaning for the expression
'mayarvu aRa' is more like 'without a doubt'. aRa meaning without.
Another meaning for 'mayakkam' is also 'doubt'.
The root sense of the words 'mayakkam' and 'mayarvu' meaning
'doubt' is that 'it is in the region in between the clearly known and
the clearly unknown state'; 'half clear' is the root sense.
Another Tamil word 'mayilai' means grey (or gray) since it is
in between black and white. Thus the word 'maya-' will mean, in essence,
'in transition from one state to another'.

mayaanam means graveyard; maayaavi means spirit (of a dead person)


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