Madhva and textual sources (was Re: Advaita-Chandran)

Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian ramakris at EROLS.COM
Tue Mar 9 23:30:46 UTC 1999

Shrisha Rao <shrao at IA.NET> wrote:

>> shAstra-s written prior to him and being written now, he'll also
>> from shAstras which will be written in the future!!!
>And where exactly did Madhva say this?  Let's be specific, now.

I have mailed this gentleman and he told me that he'ld mail me the
passage when he gets some time. I'll address some of your other
comments after I receive that.

>> bhAgavata purANa, including one by hanumAn! The first example of
>> anyone quoting hanumAn as an exegite!!
>All right, I'm calling your bluff.  Where did Madhva say that?
Madhva did

Why use phrases like "calling your bluff"? I do not know Ramadas from
Adam and I have no need or desire to mislead him. The question of
whether the bhAgavata refers to the devI bhAgavata or the vaishhNava
bhAgavata has been a much discussed point among Indian scholars for
many centuries now. H.H.Wilson says that the vaishhNava camp quotes
one of Madhwas statements that he has seen 8 commentaries on the
bhAgavata to prove its antiquity. He adds "Now amongst these is one by
the monkey Hanuman; and although a Hindu disputant may believe in the
reality of such a composition, yet we may receive its citation as a
proof that Madhwa was not very scrupulous in the verification of his
authorities" (preface to vishhNupurANa, page 30). Now Wilson may be
wrong, but if my recollection is right I told Ramadas that some of my
sources were secondary and unverified.  If Wilson is completely
incorrect, I am willing to update my knowledge.


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