Mahabharata: revised electronic text

John Smith jds10 at CUS.CAM.AC.UK
Tue Mar 9 17:49:19 UTC 1999

Many people will be aware that an electronic text of the Mahabharata has
been available from my network server for several years. That text was
based on the version typed up by Prof. Muneo Tokunaga, which he generously
made accessible via the Internet.

After eighteen months of detailed revision by a team of four assistants at
the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute in Pune (the publisher of the
Critical Edition on which the electronic text is based), a much improved
version of the text is now ready. It may be obtained from the website (follow the "Mahabharata" link). To gain
access to the revised text it is necessary to register as a user: once you
have done so you will be able to download the text in any one of five
encodings (CSX+, CSX, Norman, Harvard-Kyoto ASCII, ISCII) and in formats
suitable for PCs, Macintoshes and Unix boxes.

John Smith

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