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*I would appreciate comments on the comparative etyma in DEDR 4642: mayu_r=
*a =3D
*peacock (Skt.); cf. CDIAL 9865; man~n~ai, mayil (Ta.); mi_ril (Kond.a); m=
*melu (Kui), in comparison with the Munda word 'mara'k...
*The search is to identify such words (and of course, their OLDER forms,
*subject to the methodological rigor) to get a possible lead on the langua=
*problem which has hindered our deeper understanding of the Harappan cultu=

         In Tamil the word 'maya-' means 'transcend (or cross from one
         region to another; cross from one state to another).
         'mayakkam' means unconcious. The sense is
         'crossing to another state'. The same word 'mayakkam'
         means '*transistion* from one to another' and hence has the
         meaning of 'confusion', since the 'state seems to have both
         features'. In Tamil literature the words 'thiNai mayakkam'
         etc. are used. The verb 'mayaGku' means 'to get deluded;
         to swoon'. Tamil word 'maya-' and its derivatives
         will fit well the concept of 'trasport into another

         The words 'mara' or 'maRa', 'mari', 'maDi'  in Tamil also would fit
         well with the concept of 'dead'. Tamil word 'maay' means 'dead,


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