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Mon Mar 8 22:47:40 UTC 1999

On Mon, 8 Mar 1999, nanda chandran wrote:

> And with regard to the rest of your questions on Advaitam, please first
> answer the question of the Buddha which I�d posted on the original mail

Perhaps I'm as guilty in this matter as anyone else, but it may be best if
this thread (or at least the purely polemical part of it) is best carried
on elsewhere, else it may try the patience of those who value this list
for mainstream Indology.  "The INDOLOGY forum exists for the use of
advanced, university-level scholars of classical INDOLOGY, that is to say
people who regularly read the scholarly journals of the subject, attend
conferences, perhaps teach in university departments, and participate in
the subject as an academic discipline," ityukteH.  "If this description
does not fit you, you are welcome to lurk, but please try not to
intervene, especially not with forceful language on a topic you feel
passionate about," iti cha.  Carrying out a nyAyAmR^ita-advaitasiddhi type
debate here is not well advised (although I will be happy to answer you
and carry on as long as you wish, if we can carry this discussion into
another, perhaps more appropriate forum).


Shrisha Rao

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