Persistence of Buddhism in South India (was Advaita-Chandran)

Michael Rabe mrabe at ARTIC.EDU
Sun Mar 7 21:56:11 UTC 1999

 Even the Chennai Govt Museum has very late Buddhist bronzes, presumably
from Nagapattinam, but exactly how late I'm not sure...Vijayanagara rather
than Chola period for sure though...

>Dear Dr. Rabe,
>Four years ago, when Dr. R. Nagswamy was visiting me,
>he told that they opened a room in the British museum, London.
>He said there are many Buddhist bronzes from Tamilnadu
>which remain unpublished. He also told that these bronzes
>can be dated upto 17th century.
>P. Pal in a book (Sensuous immortals??) has published a
>nice Maitreya. A beautiful Imperial Chola period bronze.
>Without seeing the stupa in the forehead, it will look
>like a standing 'Siva. (will give the reference soon).
>N. Ganesan
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