Narahari Achar nachar at MEMPHIS.EDU
Tue Mar 2 15:56:01 UTC 1999

The comments by Ramakrishnan Balasubramannian on Sun 28, Feb 99 were
admittedly based on secondary sources and even hearsay regarding the
citations by MadhvAcArya. It is interesting to note that the "weird text
called Brahmatarka" has also been quoted by the early 17th century
author of BrhmavidyAbharaNa on Shankara's B. S. B.,  one AdvaitAnanda.
As for the polemics by Appayya Dikshita, they have been answered by his
contemporary VijayIndra tIrtha.It is also worth noting that MadhvAcArya
himself tells how the textual traditions had suffered and were suffering
interference, interpolation, overwriting, mutation and tampering with:
kvacit granthAn prakshipanti kvacidantaritAnapi
kuryuh kvaciccam vyatyAsam pramAdAt kvacidanyathA (MahAbhArata tAtparya
nirNaya ii 3-7).
B. N. K. Sharma in his History of Dvaita school discusses these items
thoroughly-Narahari Achar

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