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Petr Mares lengqie at GMX.NET
Mon Mar 1 10:35:50 UTC 1999

> A very good observation ! The IP addresses translate into :
> = and =

Dear Sir

The case with proxy as you explain is fine but is there a chance
the these five people will use the same proxy in the office and
another (but all one) ISP at home all of them same ISP at home in
Houston and all of them same proxy at work?? The ISP address as
you may see is not a proxy by Dynamic adress from the same

Sw. Madhuresan lm corp Savvis ISP
Venk. Iyer lm corp Savvis ISP
Chr. Fernandez lm corp Savvis ISP
Naga Ganesan LM Corp Savvis ISP
Keith Williams LM Corp

It certainly van be proven. Except that you can look at the melody
their voices play.


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