Another obscurity in Belvalkar's Gita edition

Harry Spier harryspier at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Mar 1 11:51:32 UTC 1999

Verse 13.13 of Belvalkar's 1962 edition Bhagavad Gita with Agrawal's
Hindi translation reads "...sarvato'kSiziromukham |" but he then
corrects himself in his list of errata corrections (which is immediately
after chapter 18) and says the correct reading should be

Since it was originally one way and then he changed it, he seems to have
given some thought to the matter and considered it a matter of at least
some small at least minor importance.

The edition is consistent in always  using avagraha for elided "a" after
"o" or "e" except for this and one other occurance also elided "a" after
"o" which is verse 10.41.

About which Dr. Killingley wrote:
>> Verse 10.41 "tejoMzasambhavan".
>This is also insignificant, but for a different reason. There is
>considerable variation in practice with avagraha. It's treated as
>an aid to the reader rather than an integral part of the text, which
>explains why some people use it where word-initial "a" is elided
>after word-final "A".

Any opinions about what the issue is here?  Are these two different

P.S.  I did find in his list of errata corrections that verse 18.72
"praNaSTas" is a misprint which he corrects to "pranaSTas".

Also could someone tell me what does the B.O.R.I. critical edition have
for verse 2.5:

          "mahAnubhAvAJ zreyo" as per Van Buitenen's Gita.
      or  "mahAnubhAvAJchreyo" as per Belvalkar's 1962 edition.

Many thanks

Harry Spier

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