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Mon Mar 1 02:30:16 UTC 1999

On 28 Feb 99,  Kandiah Ramanitharan wrote:

> I am not an indology expert, but just a silent observer in this forum for
> some time. I used to send mails in other forums in pesudonames, but not
> abusive. (When Iwant to abuse someone, I wish to do the abuse in my own

On the contrary, I do have four ISP accounts which I can use to gain
access to internet but make it a point to use only one identity and one email
address all the time when subscribing to any list. If some one were to check
my IP address, he would be equally confused since IP address is not a
definite criteria to find some one's identity.
It seems that these people who have abused the list did not have access to
more than one ISP or were too ignorant.

I hope it gets you in the best of spirits.
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