origin of mAl

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Wed Jun 16 22:19:23 UTC 1999

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>> tirumurukARRuppaTai may be as early as 2nd century BC
> (nakkIRar's contemporary pANDiyan2 neTujcelziyan2 era
> epigraphy is cited by I.Mahadevan in an interview).
Apologies for the incompleteness of the above statement. It
should be.
IM cites a 2nd century BC epigraphy of *the* neTuJceziyan2.
And the only such pANDiyan2 neTuJceziyan2 is the hero of
 "maturaik kAJci" addressed to the pANDiyan2 who is also known as
"talaiyAlaGkAn2attuc ceru ven2Ra pANDiyan2 neTuJceziyan2".


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