Dharma, rta, satya

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Wed Jun 30 10:16:27 UTC 1999

At 08:10 28.06.1999 +0100, Professor K.S. Arjunwadkar wrote:

>The difference between rta and satya on the one hand and dharma>
>can be best illustrated by that between 'constitution'
>and 'rules and regulations' of an organisation. Keeping the
>constitution intact, rules are changed from time to time.>

An interesting and illustrative observation.

>(1)  zrutir vibhinnA smRtayash ca bhinnA
>        naiko munir yasya vacaH pramANam /
>        dharmasya tattvaM nihitaM guhAyAM
>        mahAjano yena gataH sa panthAH // (Mahabharata)

I seem not to be able to place the quotation in the text of the Critical
Edition. Could you, please, provide precise reference? And - the translation?

With highest regards,

Artur Karp

University of Warsaw

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