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This was written about the Ramayana Epic by Tulaisdas in his Ramacaritamanasa.

I shall now relate at some length the seed of the story,--viz., how Goddess Bhavani questioned Lord Sankara and how the latter answered Her questions, weaving a strange narrative round this episode. Let no one who should happen not to have heard thsi anecdote before be surprised to hear it. Wise men who hear this uncommon legend marvel not, for they know there is no limit to the stories of Sri Rama in this world. They are convinced in their heart that Sri Rama has bodied Himself forth in diverse ways and that the Ramayana, though consisting of a thousand million verses, is yet infinite. Great sages have diversely sung the charming stories of Sri Hari relating as they do to different Kalpas or cycles of time. Bearing this in mind, the reader should no entertain any doubt and should hear this narrative reverently and with devotion.
Rama is infinite, infinite are His virtues and the dimensions of His story are also immeasurable. Those whose thoughts are pure will, therefore, feel no surprise when they hear it.

(I happen to think that there are really only two or three stories in this world, and they shapeshift through our cultures and beliefs.....but in the end it is the same story....the story in us all.)

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