About the conception of Ram

Janma Carmody janmacar at INDO.NET.ID
Tue Jun 29 00:43:43 UTC 1999

After reading that little piece by the Hindu skeptic I went to the web site he had linked to the message and read the little piece in there about the conception of Ram. I have been on both sides of the skeptisim fence, and I have my doubts about someone using the very scriptures or sources to which they claim skeptisim to back up negative impressions they may have. In the Ramacharitamanasa by Tulasidas, there is no mention of any horse. That's what arguing about ancient scriptures is like....eternal. There is no proof for any of it. My father used to say that "Faith is believing in something you know isn't true."  In a way this is true. Stories change even by the second re-telling....and how old is the story of Ram? This story isn't meant to be dissected and used to justify our lives or actions or to condemn those of others. It is something more than that and you have to have a big heart, not a big brain to understand it. Though I must say arguing is fun....and where would disscussion groups be without arguing and dissecting? Still that fellow has me rankled.......slept with the genitals of a horse inside her indeed....!


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