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Thanks for your reply. I am glad to have the list of resources you provided. Lets hope I can order them over the net.
I would also like to see the Sivasahasranama, though I must say that I am interested in the Visnusahasranama because when I lived in India I have seen it many times used as a tool to move bad energy or 'spirits' from a house or other areas. Space clearing is something done on a daily basis in Bali and thats what Visnusahasranama is good for. Though the way that Hindu's in Bali recite these mantras, sloka's etc is totally different to the method in India, I want to compare the two versions. I somehow think the Sivasahasranama may have a somewhat different effect because Ghosts and spirits are Siva's cronies......what is Sivasaharsanama used for then? I wonder?
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    Dear Janma,
    I am in Switzerland. Nice to hear from Bali! Here are some books which might interest you:
    R.C.Majumdar, Hindu Colonies in the Far East, 2nd. ed. Calcutta:Firma K.L. Mukhyopadhyay, 1963; H.G.Q.Wales, Towards Angkor; idem. Making of Greater India, London, 1951.
    The Visnusahasranama is available in many different editions. You might find the following useful: S.V.Rama Sastri, Visnu-Sahasranamastotra with Sanmkara's commentary, Madras 1931; R.Rama Sastry, Visnusahasranama (2 vols )Mysore, 1960-61.
    If you would like to switch over sometimes to Sivasahasranama, there is a new book by a Jesuit priest from Pune: Subhash Anand, Siva's Thopusans names, Intercultural Publications, New Delhi, 1998.
    Wish you a good reading. 
    A. Nayak.
        Dear people,
    I am 
        a new subscriber to this list, or in fact to any list. I live in Bali and I am interested in understanding the roots of the Hindu culture here. I also lived in India for several years though mainly in Bengal. I have heard that the first traders that bought Hinduisim to Indonesia were from Gujarat. Does anybody know anything about the roots of Hinduisim in Java and Bali?
        Also I am looking for a transliteration of the One Thousand Names of Visnu (sahasra nama) if anybody knows of where I can find one.
        Thanks before,
        Janma Carmody.
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