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Rama's Aditya, the Hindu Skeptic wrote:
> Samar Abbas wrote:
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> > On Sat, 26 Jun 1999, Aditya, the Hindu Skeptic wrote:
> > > [T]he biological father of Ram is as much mystery as biological father
> > > of Jesus.
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> > The following article in `Modern Rationalist' states that after the
> > ashwamedha Dasaratha handed over his queens to the disciples of guru
> > Kalaikottu Muni. The author then concludes that one of the disciples of
> > Kalaikottu Muni was the real father of Rama & not Dasaratha. (this is not
> > my work)
> >  
> >
> >  Is this story universally accepted ? What do Hindutvadins have to say
> > about the allegations of Ram's illegitimacy ?
> You may not have written it but the writer of web page is  really
> perverted and obscene.
> It should be below the taste level of the readers of this list to make
> any further comments in this regard.
> I have never heard about the so-called Muni.
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Rama's birth should seen in all its profundity and sanctity as a mythical retelling of
the perfectly legal ancient system of niyoga.  To put it too simply and briefly,
niyoga was Vedic and post Vedic practice (surviving as customary law in amended form
in Haryana even today, and elsewhere) when a brother, kin, or a learned, well known
brahmin or rishi was called upon to cohabit ritually, according to prescribed norms,
the wife of a person desiring continuation of his family line. The child was not only
 a legal inheritor in every way any other child, but was also known forever as a product
of the niyoga-doing person.  Obviously Rama,and his brothers were born of niyoga. Later
on, the aitiological version of the story, as told in Valmiki and successive Ramayanas
is later reworking of the ancient niyoga fact as by the later epic period niyoga seems
to have receeded to the background.

The vedic niyoga was much simpler, rational and mutually respectful than its
modern technological version of fertility clinics. It went beyond patriarchal ego
and feimine whims. The modern version is a hoax, a religious perversion, a tremendous
waste of medical resources and anti-poor. It is open to commercial abuse and
exploitation of the therd-world people by first world technology. The modern
rationalists, who speially in India, only rejoice in reviling the ancient Indian
civilisation, have no guts to advocate a return to niyoga or modernise it even for the
sake of women freedom.  Nor do those claiming to advocate a scientific and liberal
outlook have the humility t learn from ancient civilisations which found abiding answers
to problems that we face even now.

Bharat Gupt
Assoc. Prof. Delhi Univ

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