Dharma, rta, satya

B. Reusch reusch at UCLINK4.BERKELEY.EDU
Mon Jun 28 01:15:53 UTC 1999

 Artur Karp wrote:
>one more
>version of the core conflict of the Mbh.: that between the law and the truth
>(dharma vs. satya.)

It would appear that those scholars who read Rta in the Rg veda as "cosmic
order" would tend to see equivalences between vedic Rta and epic dharma. On
the other hand, those scholars who read rta in the RV as "truth"see
themselves as the opposing camp -- truth vs cosmic order.
Would satya in the MBh, for the Rta = truth advocates, be some kind of an
epic equivalent of vedic Rta?

Beatrice Reusch
University of California, Berkeley

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