Is "Sanskrit" Dravidian; and open-mindedness

Michael Witzel witzel at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Sun Jun 27 08:42:03 UTC 1999

At 9:30 -0700 6/27/99, Paul Kekai Manansala wrote:

>> >  Sanskrit is very similar in structure to Dravidian.

>> Sentences like these betray absolute innocence with regard to IE word
>> formation & grammar in general.
>> This has already been explained by other members . The upshot is that
>> Nothing  that is said about IE / non_IE  or Indo_Aryan/ non-IA in South
>> Asia can be taken seriously.
>As I said, a lack of an open mind.

Somebone who denies that

* Skt & IE  as inflected languages (with stem variation, suffixes and
prefixes and with a  apophony <Ablaut> in roots, stems  and affixes)
* and Dravidian  (with agglutinative structure)
are different in their most basic set-up <not to speak of their roots>,
and who denies this in spite of having been shown that by Indology members
(such as HH Hock)

has a fixed mind set.

I rest my case: Rgveda10.10.13a.  ---   ity alam.

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