Chandogya Upanisad -- mathematics and ritual

Ferenc Ruzsa f_ruzsa at ISIS.ELTE.HU
Thu Jun 24 16:20:40 UTC 1999

Dear Toke Lindegaard,

"the science of ritual" (as can be seen from Olivelle's own notes, which you
may find useful otherwise as well) is "brahmavidyA", and "mathematics" is
"rAzi" [in other transcriptions "ra-s'i" or "raas'i"].
rAzi, m. in the standard dictionaries means: 1. heap, mass, pile, quantity,
number 2. a sign of the Zodiac.

The dating of  the chAndogya-upaniSad is, according to (unproven) consensus,
pre-Buddhistic. Clearly the material accumulated over a longer period; you
could relatively safely assume the 5th century B.C.E. as a date for an
almost-final recension. (See Olivelle's Introduction p. XXXVI.)


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