Antagonist's name as Personal name

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Tue Jun 22 20:31:01 UTC 1999

Dear Indology Members,
I am doing a study on 'the choice of epic-antagonist's name as personal
name' through an inter-state survey in India. Ravan, Kumbhkarna, Duryodhan
and Dushasan are among the names taken up. The study deals with geographical
distribution, frequency and ethnological significance of such choice.
In this connection I am interested to know:

(i) Whether any such study on epic antagonist's name has been done earlier,
if so reference.
(ii) Does any one know about any particular ethnic / tribal group showing
such preference showing affinity or claiming common origin with such
antagonists? {For example KORKU tribes of Melghat call themselves "Ravan
Vamsi" and perform 'Aarti'(prayer) to Kumbhkarna}.
(iii) Are there societies/groups elsewhere (out side India) with similar
tendencies/preferences towards antagonists of their local myths or legends?

Looking forward,
R. Balakrishnan

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