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Sun Jun 20 11:23:05 UTC 1999

June 20, 1999

RE: In Search of Contact Point for
    Authors: Elmar R.Gruber &
    Holger Kersten in Germany (?)
    "The Original Jesus:The Buddhist Sources Of Christianity"

Hi Everyone,

Can anyone please give me an email address or a contact address
for the authors of the book "The Original Jesus: The Buddhist
Sources of Christianity" by Elmar R. Gruber & Holger Kersten,
Element Books, 1995 ?

This is a rather interesting book with plausible hypothesis
about the link between early Christianity and Buddhism particularly
in the Greek dominated world of 300 BC to 100 AD.

Anyone who has read this book carefully and can send me any discussions,
comments, or scholarly critiques would be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Avi Dey,
Vienna, VA, USA

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