Studies on mudrA-s in tantric texts

Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian ramakris at EROLS.COM
Fri Jun 18 22:50:56 UTC 1999

Could the experts on tantra-s point me to some studies about mudrA-s
in the Sivaite and Visnuite tantra-s? I have consulted Padoux's "Vac",
Gonda's "Medieval religious literature in Sanskrit" and Potter's
bibliography. The only studies which seem to be interesting are in
Italian or French and I can't read either. I'd be grateful if someone
can point me to some studies in the English. I already have Richard
Davis': "Ritual in an oscillating universe". Unfortunately, it has
only information on mudrA-s from Sivaite sources and that too the ones
used in temples. I need some studies on the mudrA-s used before/during
private ritual practices like japa, pUjA, etc. Thanks in advance.

Aside: Anyone notice that there seem to be quite a few characters
using hotmail/yahoo/name-a-free-e-mail-account who are very interested
in the same things  like establishing Nagarjuna's connection with
Kanchi, Kannada and Telugu etymologies, so on and so forth. One man
goes out and another steps in, in no time at all (referring to a
recent reply to Dr. Walser). Very much like the raktabIja in the
mythology :->. Just wondering!


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