Balaji Hebbar bhebbar at EROLS.COM
Thu Jun 17 02:15:22 UTC 1999

Dear  Prof. Ruzsa:

Well  said!  In  this  connexion,  I  wish  to  share  a  KannaDa
proverb  that  echoes  sentiments  similar  to  that  you  have
expressed.  Here  is  the  proverb  and  its  translation:

"ahankArakke  udAsInave  maTTu"  (The  only  way  to  curb  arrogance
is  to  ignore  it)

I  am  sure  there  are  similar  ones  in  other  languages.  Just
felt  like  sharing  this  with  you.

Thanks  for  reading.

Many  Regards,

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