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> Dear  Mr. Fleming:
> The  deity  HayagrIva  is  important  in  the  MAdhva-VaiShNava
> SampradAya.  Let  me  list  a  few  things  about  HayagrIva  in  our
> tradition.

A place by the name of "tiruvayintira puram" in north central Tamil
is said to have a hayagrIva temple on a hill.

The Tamil god murukan2' is said to have destroyed an *asura*  who is
said to have had the head of a horse and the body ofa  human; that is
considered a very old tradition.
It is intriguing to see the same icon being employed as a deamon in one
myth and as a god in another. How old is this hayagrIva viSNu icon?

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