Ferenc Ruzsa f_ruzsa at ISIS.ELTE.HU
Wed Jun 16 12:41:56 UTC 1999

Chandrasekaran, Periannan wrote:
>Could you give some examples of such  Latin/Greek please?

Greek: a suffix forming 'nomina instrumenti' (nouns naming the instrument of
the action) from verbs, tro-n, also thro-n, where the -n is the ending of
sg. Nom-Acc. neut.

skEptron (staff, sceptre) from skEptO (to prop)
arotron (plough) from aroO (to till)
theAtron (theatre, audience) from theAomai (to view)
threptron (usu. pl.: reward for bringing up) from trephO (to feed, nourish,
bring up)
kentron (sting, goad) from kenteO (to pierce, incite)
plEktron (plectrum) from plEssO (root plEg-: to strike, beat, hit)

Latin: tru-m, where the -n is the ending of sg. Nom-Acc. neut. Most of them
loanwords from the Greek, but some are not:

arAtrum (plough) from arO, arAre (to plough)
rutrum (spade) from ruO, ruere (dig)
veretrum (pudendum) from vereor, verEri (to be shy)
spectrum (vision) from speciO, specere (to look, see)


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