Geeta Bharathan geeta at LIFE.BIO.SUNYSB.EDU
Wed Jun 16 13:17:22 UTC 1999

On Wed, 16 Jun 1999, Jon Skarpeid wrote:

> I am undertaking a study of Indian music and need admission to music
> archives, public and privat, in order to deal with old recordings. In the
> music stores, one hardly get any recording older than ca 1970.
> Any suggestions regarding archives. I am aware of only two.

"Indian music" is rather general. You might try asking this question in if that is the type of music you want. There
is also (discusses mostly film music, I believe).

Rabindra Bhavan in Delhi used to (20+ yrs ago) have wonderful archives of
Hindustani classical, and also old Hindi film music.


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