Original Dravidian Homeland

Lars Martin Fosse lmfosse at ONLINE.NO
Tue Jun 15 16:59:15 UTC 1999

> Ferenc wrote:

> I (being a Hungarian speaker) thought over the suggested connection between
> Dravidian and Finno-Ugoric languages. The idea is correct, not too naive,
> but very far from proven.

Bernard Sergent deals with the theory in his latest book Genese de l'Inde. In
simple terms, the theory goes like this: The Dravidians, on their way from
Africa, stayed in the area between India and the Middle East for some time
(Central Asia). Here, a branch of them encountered Uralian (or Finno-Ugric)
speakers, which account for certain similarities between the two languages
families. In other words: Area linguistics. Others claim a genetic relationship,
which Sergent faithfully considers before rejecting it. See for instance
Sergent, p. 65-80, where he discusses various aspects of this theory. (Sergent
assumes that the Dravidians reached India before the eighth millennium BCE).

Lars Martin Fosse

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