Original Dravidian Homeland

Paul Kekai Manansala kekai at JPS.NET
Tue Jun 15 10:55:15 UTC 1999

Hans Henrich Hock wrote:
> If any of these different theories should turn out to be better
> established, this would lend credence to a migration of pre-Dravidian
> speakers into South Asia

The term "pre-Dravidian speakers" though could describe people who
came thousands or many tens of thousands of years ago to South Asia.
The time period would be important in making judgements about the
"origin" of Dravidian languages and people.

-- unless we adapt the Hindutva "Out of India"
> view (formulated for Indo-Aryan) and attribute this relationship, too, to
> an outmigration from India.

Again, the question could fall into relative dating. Folk like Talageri
(Hindutva?) don't seem to argue against the idea of people migrating
from Africa.  Their theory is concentrated more on the fact that Indian
languages have evolved in India for a very long time. They argue against
the idea of a sudden intrusion of languages into North India from the
West around 2000-1500 BCE.

Paul Kekai Manansala

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