Vishal Agarwal vishalagarwal at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Jun 14 22:49:14 UTC 1999

It means- "He who takes away the sorrows and sins of his devotees." That is
what we have been taught by the Pundits.

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From: Periannan Chandrasekaran <perichandra at YAHOO.COM>
Subject: "hari" & viSNu
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 12:16:07 -0700

What does the word "hari" mean when applied to viSNu?

I am unable to find an entry in the  Cologne Capellar's  dictionary
an entry as applicable to visNu.
The dictionary repeatedly lists the sense of "yellow"  for the word
"hari" which does not seem to be related to viSNu directly or
Am I making any trivial mistakes in the search?

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