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Dear Lars,

You may know these:
a) Jayant Lele, Hindutva, the emergence of the right,
Madras, 1995
b) Tapan Basu, Khaki shorts and saffron flags: a critique
of the Hindu Right, London, 1993
c) Rakhi Seghal, Hindutva, reimagining India,
M.A. thesis, American university, 1995
d) John R. Pincince, Modernity and Hindutva ideology:
V. D. Savarkar and the construction of Hindu national
identity, 1997, M.A. thesis, UHawaii.
e) Ritu Kohli, Political ideas of M. S. Golwalkar:
Hindutva, nationalism, secularism, Delhi, 1993
f) C. Jaffrelot, The Hindu nationlist movement in India,
Columbia university press, 1996
g) J. E. Llewellyn, The Arya Samaj as a fundamentalist
movement: a study in comparative fundamentalism,
Delhi: Manohar, 1993
h) Brenda Cossman, Secularism's last sign: Hindutva and
the (mis)rule of law. OxfordUP, 1999.

Aurobindo Ghose (1872-1950)
Swami Dayanand Saraswati: an assessment
Ambala city: Arya samaj, 1987, 62 p.
[Comprises two articles previously published in
Vedic magazine, Lahore, 1915. Bibliography, p. 51-62]

N. Ganesan

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