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Dear Dr. Scarbrough,

There does not exist yet any electronic index for word search in the BU.
However, please refer either of the following 2 printed word indices:
1. Vaidika Padanukrama Kosa; Compiled by Pt. Visvabandhu Sastri et al;
Visvesvarananda Vedic Research Institute; Hosiarpur; India--Volumes 9 and 10
deal with the Upanisads (first 6 are on the Samhitas, 7-8 on Brahmanas and
volumes after 10 deal with Vedangas etc.)
2. Eighteen Principal Upanisads; Ed. by Vadekar and Limaye; Vaidika
Samsodhana Mandala; Poona (Not sure of the Publisher. This book has a good
word Index as an Appendix).

The relevant volumes of #1 are also published separately as "Upanisadic
Citations." (Search under 'Visvabandhu' or' Bhimsena Sarma' when doing an
author search)

Any good library on Indology should have all these works.



Date:         Fri, 11 Jun 1999 04:57:47 -0400
From:         David Scarbrough <scarbro at CROSSLINK.NET>
Subject:      bRhadAranyaka
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Has anyone come across the bRhadAranyaka upanishhat in electronic form
for doing a word search?
Thanks in advance.

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